PJ Samfu (Thulian)
PJ Samfu (Thulian)
PJ Samfu (Thulian)
PJ Samfu (Thulian)

PJ Samfu (Thulian)

Regular price RM438.00 MYR

A traditional samfu with details of a classic pyjamas, made in soft high gloss satin, the top is decorated with contrasting piping details and hand knotted Chinese buttons. It also comes with a matching straight cut pants with an elastic waistband.

- Unisex

- 100% polyester 

- Machine wash, wash separately

- Delivery on 22 January 2021 Onwards 


 Sizing Chart (cm) S-M L-XL
Collar 47 54
Shoulders 46 49
Top Length 73 82
Top Waist, Chest 139 150
Pants Waist 79-92
Pants Hip 112 135
Pants Length 99 99