Sehati Behati


BEHATI is organizing a charity drive to collect preloved traditional Raya clothes to be funded to local orphanages and the homeless. We will be giving out a discount of RM 25 to those donating their pre-loved items for the Raya 2020 collection. Aside from that, you can also buy them new clothes by using the code ‘SEHATI BEHATI’ at checkout and saving 50%. More details in the procedure below.

As we are stricken by the Covid-19 pandemic, the usual ways of celebrating have changed, however, we must continue our Raya traditions, even under MCO, from the comfort of our own homes by cooking traditional meals, asking for forgiveness through phone calls and wearing new Raya clothes at home. As a brand that prides itself in upholding cultures and traditions, this programme is to remind you of the true meaning of Eid. Being grateful with what we have and to share the privilege of wearing new Raya clothes with others.

It is important to see the economical strain this has had on a lot of people who are less privileged, but with your help, they can keep this Raya tradition alive. Traditions need to go on because it is what makes us Malaysian and we must show strength in spirit by supporting each other through this programme, by donating your preloved Raya clothes to renew yourself for the new decade. If you have any Raya clothes from past years that you have stopped wearing and are in a good condition, wash them and donate them to bring joy to other families, just like yours, in enjoying this Hari Raya together as one. If you are looking to collaborate or volunteer for this campaign, feel free to contact us on WhatsApp. This campaign will be ongoing throughout the month of Ramadan. 2 ways to help the SEHATI BEHATI campaign below:




  1. All items added to cart under ‘SEHATIBEHATI’ discount codes are to be delivered to the charities. Donation items are NOT to be sent to the buyer's shipping address as this is a charity-based promotion. 
  2. Behati can change the style and colour of donation products according to the charity’s needs valued at the same price.
  3. Behati will handle the deliveries for all donation items.
  4. Non-donation orders and donation orders should be added to cart separately.




1. To self-collect purchased items and self-deliver donation items, kindly arrange with Behati via WhatsApp.
2. BEHATI will not cover delivery charges for the donation items.
3. There will be no returns of donation upon receiving.
4. With every donation of 1 set of traditional wear, you will be entitled to RM 25 off on a single item.
5. BEHATI would like to extend this invitation to those who are looking for an outlet to send monetary donations as well.